Saturday, January 24, 2015

Petunia Skincare 1.0mm Derma Roller + Eye Serum + Anti-aging Serum Review

Petunia Skincare sent me the following products to review:

1.0mm Derma Roller-  What is a derma roller?  Derma Rollers stimulate collagen production.  They reduce wrinkles, fine lines and cellulite.  They help reduce scars and enlarged pores.  They also tighten and smooth skin.

When I first received this product I have to admit I felt a bit intimidated to use it, but I heard about it on The Doctors and read about the benefits of using it.

To use the derma roller, I first cleaned the area I wanted to roll.  Then I just roll back and forth 10x in different directions (vertical, horizontal and diagonal.

After rolling I apply the Petunia Skincare Hyaluronic Acid Serum.

Professional Hyaluronic Acid Serum -  This product helps my skin by helping it retain moisture from liquids we drink.  I have always been told that drinking water is good for my skin and this product works as a water-reservoir for skin cells.  I use this daily because my skin tends to be dry and especially in the winter months.  My skin feels softer since I have been using this.

Eye Serum - The Petunia Skincare Revitalizing Eye Serum is a very nice, lightweight serum.  It dries quickly after applying it.  I felt that it absorbed quickly and I could see a difference after using it over time.  My eyes get puffy and this product helps to take the puffiness away.  This product contains sea kelp which has natural anti-inflammatory properties.  I like that this product can also be used on the entire face if I want to.

All of the products work in conjunction with eachother to minimize lines, wrinkles and aid in moisturizing skin.

Disclosure:  I received these products to review as a member of Tomoson.  All opinions expressed are based on my own personal opinion.  Your opinion may differ.

The History of Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is a day of celebrating the one you love.  It falls on February 14th of each year.  More than 62% of Americans celebrate Valentine's day.

I was curious of the origins of this especially romantic day and decided to do a little research.

Valentine's day itself is named for a Christian martyr, Saint Valentinus (meaning worthy, strong or powerful), who was martyred on February 14 and dates all the way back to the 5th Century.  He died around 270 AD.  He is the patron saint of lovers, beekeepers and epilepsy. As well as the plague, travel, fainting, couples and happy marriages. (photo credit: The History Channel)

St. Valentine

The skull of St. Valentus,which is adorned with flowers, can be found on display in the Basilica of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, Rome.  Other bits of his skeleton are on display in Czech Republic, Scotland, Ireland, England and France.

Some believe that Valentine's day was created by a midieval English poet by the name of Geoffrey Chaucer.  (photo credit: Wikipedia)

He wrote in 1375 a work by the name of Parliament of Foules.  In that piece he links romantic courtship with the feast of St. Valentine's day. Before this piece, the association of the two did not exist.  It received widespread attention. The poem refers to this date as a day when humans and birds come together to find a mate.  His exact words in the piece were "For this was sent on Seynt Valentyne's day/ Whan every foul cometh ther to choose his mate."  That sentence may have invented the holiday we celebrate today.

There is actually more than one St. Valentine, almost 12 to be exact,  including 1 woman and one  Pope who served only 40 days around 827 AD. The most recent beatified St. Valentine was St. Valentine Berrio-Ochoa.  He was a Spaniard of the Dominican order who traveled to Vietnam and served as bishop until he was beheaded in 1861.  He was canonized by Pope John Paul II in 1988.

Here are a list of days that you can actually celebrate St. Valentine's day:

1/7 - St Valentine of Raetia
2/14 - (see above)
11/3 - St Valentine of Viterbo
7/25- St. Valentina of Palestine
7/6 and 7/30- Eastern Orthodox Church celebrates the life of St. Valentine both as an elder and as a martyr.


Here are more facts about Valentine's day from

Did you know, that on Valentine's day :

  • Over 1 billion cards are exchanged (only 2nd to Christmas cards)
  • More than 35 million heart shaped boxes of chocolate are exchanged
  • More than 220 million roses are produced for this day
  • Americans spend over 20 million dollars on Valentine's day ($130 per person)
  • $4 billion is spent on jewelry for Valentine gifts
  • 6 million couples are likely to get engaged on this day

I hope you enjoyed my brief History of Valentine's Day.

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Friday, January 23, 2015

New Purex Powershot Review & #Giveaway

Introducing new Purex Powershot.  No more measuring!  The auto-dosing technology does the measuring for you.

Purex Powershot is super concentrated with 50% more stain fighting power.

Available in Mountain Breeze or Linen and Lilies.  45 oz. or 90 oz.

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Three Grand prize winners will receive a Whirlpool Washer and Dryer Set.

300 Winners will receive NEW Purex Power Shot Detergent.

Disclosure:  I received a sample of this product to review as a member of Purex Insiders.  All opinions expressed are based on my own personal experience and yours may differ.  No other compensation was received.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Petunia Skincare Professional 12 Brush Set Review

The Petunia Skincare Professional 12 Set Makeup Brush Kit has every brush you'll ever need.  It comes packed in a very sturdy faux patent leather pouch.  Each brush has its own compartment and protective sleeve.

The brushes themselves are well constructed and sturdy.  They each have the Petunia Skincare logo and are a very chic hot pink and black tone.

The brushes include:

  • Powder brush
  • Blush brush
  • Foundation brush
  • Eyeshadow brush
  • Smudge brush
  • Fan brush
  • Concealer brush
  • Eyebrow blush
  • Eyeliner blush
  • Sponge applicator
  • Lip brush
  • Spoolie brush

The brushes have guards that help them to keep their shape.  Each brush is handmade from natural and synthetic hair to help aid in a more precise and soft application.  They can be easily cleaned with warm water and shampoo and then air dried.

Petunia Skincare is a proud member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and does not test any products on animals. No animals are harmed to create these natural brushes.

Disclosure:  I received this product to review.  All opinions expressed are based on my own personal experience and opinion.  Yours may differ.  No other compensation was received.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Olde Westport Spice Company #Savings

This online specialty Food Company stands the test of time - Spice Company creates custom spice blends, seasonings and dry soups. Olde Westport Spice & Trading Company is a 33-year-old spice manufacturer that is still going strong. This online company operates a small plant in Goodland, Kansas, and knows a thing or two about spices, seasonings and soups. This family owned and operated company was originally founded in the Kansas City area and has stayed true to its mission of making custom spice blends for main meal dishes and appetizers as well as nearly 20 varieties of dry soups. 

The products are available online at; at food-related craft and trade shows throughout the Midwest; and at gift and gourmet food shops. Olde Westport's spice blends and seasonings include Italian, Cajun, Taco, Fajita, Chili, Jalapeno, Beef Sauce, Salsa, Garlic and many more. All of the products use quality ingredients for a balanced flavor that compliments meats, pastas and vegetables. The company also invented dry soup mixes that are simple and easy to make including Antonio's Minestrone, Country-Style Creamy Potato, Chipotle Black Bean, Creamy Broccoli and Cheese, Kansas City Steak & Ale, Gold Coast Garlic Pasta Alfredo, Mesa Flats Chicken Enchilada, New Orleans Red Bean & Rice, Southwestern Tortilla, White Chili Soup and more. 

Olde Westport Spice and Trading Co. is owned and operated by Bill and Judy Petersen, who along with their daughter, Ann Myers, also own and run a restaurant (Westport Grill) in Goodland featuring the products. Bill first custom created all of the spices and seasonings in the kitchen of his home. Today the company has a manufacturing facility where Bill still researches and develops new recipes and dishes for future products. For more information or to place an order, please visit or call 1-800-537-6470. 

CHAMPIONSHIP CHILI SPICE BLEND - This championship spice has helped chili creators win 12 state and national championships throughout the years and all over the US! But what is most important to us about our Olde Westport Chili Spice Blend is that our customers love to use it in their chili whether it's for a national championship cook-off challenge or simply for their own family in their cozy kitchen on a cold winter's night. We've heard from countless customers that our attention to detail and quality is what makes this chili spice blend stand out above the competitors. We know you might put beans in your chili or maybe you add apples and sausage or perhaps you have a special recipe that is top secret but starts with thick-cut bacon... however you concoct your chili we hope you'll try our chili spice blend. 

GOLD COAST GARLIC SHAKE - Gold Coast Garlic Shake spice blend is truly one of those special blends of garlic, herbs and spices that our customers use in sour cream dips, sprinkle over steamed vegetables, fresh vegetables from your garden, garlic mashed potatoes or steak on the grill. There are more than 50 recipes in the Olde Westport Gold Coast Garlic Cookbook that will give you lots of ideas for quick simple meals with that high-end restaurant flavor. A garlic experience you will never forget. Check out the Olde Westport web site for a few recipes and placing orders.

Get 10% off of your order.

Red Brick Candle | LOFT No. 1 Review

The Red Brick Candle Company Loft No. 1 candle is  a warm and cozy candle with a wonderful deep blend of Warm Maple and RichVanilla.  It is beautifully packaged with care and would be wonderful to give as a gift for someone you love.

The first thing I noticed when unboxing my Loft No. 1 candle was how much thought was put into the packaging of the candle.  It has a beautifully printed sturdy lid which  is placed on a sturdy black glossy box that is sealed with the Red Brick logo.  Then tucked inside the box is this warm fragrant maple vanilla scented candle accompanied by a protective sleeve and box of stick matches.

I find the matches to be such a nice touch to the candle.  When I saw them included, I said to myself; "The Red Brick Candle Company is very thoughtful."

Upon lighting the candle I immediately smelled a nice warm soft maple/vanilla scent start to fill the air.  I couldn't help but notice how nicely the candle glowed as well.  It had a soft, romantic glow that made me feel cozy.  My Red Brick Candle had created the perfect setting.  

10% of all proceeds of each dollar is donated to community development and urban revitalization in the U.S., with special focus on the arts and education initiatives in the hometown of Red Brick Candle in  Atlanta, GA.

To purchase this beautifully scented Loft No. 1 candle from Red Brick Candle Company, visit Amazon.

Disclosure:  I received this candle as a member of Tomoson to review.  All reviews expressed are based on my own personal opinion and yours may differ.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Finish It! Gear 3 Pocket #Running Belt Review

My husband is an avid runner who enjoys competing in 5 and 10k races locally.  I asked him to try out the Finish It! Gear 3 Pocket Running Belt and give me his honest opinion.

The first thing he noticed is that the belt is made from Neoprene which is a very water resistant material that will resist sweat.  He also liked the design that sits flat against his body with strong adjustable belts.  As a runner, he doesn't want to wear a belt that flops around as he runs.  There was no scratching or discomfort around his waist from the belt as he ran.

This pouch is very spacious and large enough to hold your wallet, keys, ipod (or larger phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note, etc. 

It has an enclosed zipper within the pouch to hold money discretely. This is perfect for race day when you have to pay your entry fee. There is even a built in spot to thread your earphone through so that you can listen to your favorite music. They really thought of everything when they designed this.

The zipper is designed for easy open with an attached pull tab and glides nicely. 

There are several loops on the belt to hold energy gels.  

There is a 100% lifetime warranty on this belt.  However, you must register the product first.  If anything should happen to the belt, it will be replaced .

This product is available from Amazon.

Extra Savings for my blog readers!

Coupon code for 25% off running belt - 3G5GVV5Z

Disclosure:  I received this product to review for my honest opinion from Tomoson.  No other compensation was received.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Limm Sport Armband for iPhone 6 (4.7'') and Samsung Galaxy S5 and S4 Review

The Limm Sports Armband for iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S4/S5 is the perfect companion to any workouts.  Its comfortable, attractive and durable. It fits comfortably and snuggly on my arm and allows me to enjoy my favorite music or motivation while working out, walking or running.

The Limm Sports Armband is available in both slim and regular arm sizes.
It is made with good quality materials and is lighweight.   I like that it is stretchable so it moves with me and doesn't tighten up on my arm while working out.

There is a free EBOOK bonus with purchase and a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

You can purchase the Limm Sports Armband on AMAZON.

Here are more facts on the Limm Sports Iphone6 Armband:

  • ✭ GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR WORKOUTS ✭ Eliminate the hassle of carrying your device in your hands or keeping it unprotected in your pocket and ENJOY the COMFORT and MOBILITY offered by the Limm armband. After a while you won't even feel that it's there any more. It's PERFECT for running, jogging, dancing, yoga, gym, fitness, bicycling or even household chores. Don't just take our word for it, check out what other customers and top Amazon reviewers had to say about the Limm armband.
  • ✭ HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL, LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE✭ : The armband is made of very high-quality, sweat-resistant neoprene with lycra - dries fast and fits your arm conveniently. It is designed for you to not notice that it's on your arm after a couple of minutes of exercising.
  • ✭ ONE OF A KIND ✭ While other armbands have an opening in the back through which to insert the device that can also allow sweat to enter, the Limm armband is closed. The front cover not only looks stylish but it also PROTECTS your device if you happen to get caught in the RAIN. Also, unlike other armbands which are glued together, the Limm Armband is stitched to PERFORM and LAST. Fits 10-3/4" to 16-1/8" arm sizes (circumference) - Arm Size: Average.
  • ✭ MODEL: ARM SIZE - AVERAGE ✭ The armband is available in two different strap sizes, to accommodate different arm circumferences. The AVERAGE model features a longer strap, which fits 10.75" to 16.13" arm sizes (circumference).
  • ✭ ABSOLUTELY NO RISK INVOLVED ✭ At Limm, we fully stand behind our product and offer you a no-questions-asked, 100% SATISFACTION MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If you don't love our Sport Armband or if you don't feel 100% satisfied, we will refund your money. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. So try it now! TOTALLY RISK FREE

Disclosure:  I received this product to review. No other compensation was received.  

Friday, January 16, 2015

Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals Lemon Essential Oil Review and Tips

Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals Lemon Essential Oil has so many great uses.

This 100% pure and natural lemon essential oil has such a wonderful uplifting scent.  It smells like a bowl of fresh cut lemons.

This product is great for aromatherapy in helping clear the mind.  When I opened the bottle I got a beautiful fresh lemon scent.  I am a lemon lover and really enjoy this product.

The first thing I did when I received this product is place a few drops in my sink drain and ran some warm water.  It created a pleasant scent that filled my kitchen.  I also added a couple drops to my laundry whites when washing and they smelled so fresh in the wash.  

I plan to try so many more recipes with my lemon oil  and can't wait to venture into more oils!

Uses for lemon oil:

 Great for freshening laundry.  Just add a drop to the wash/rinse cycle.

Great for aiding in removing gum, glue or grease.

Make a natural cleaner by adding water and vinegar in a glass spray bottle and add a few drops of lemon oil.

Mix with water or witch hazel to make a room freshener (use a glass bottle).

Add a drop to your dishwasher to help fight those pesky spots left behind.

Add a few drops to your garbage can, diaper pail or toilet to refresh.

Make a natural furniture polish using olive oil with a few drops of lemon oil but be sure to spot check the area first.

Use in recipes in place of fresh lemons.  A few drops is all you need.

There are also recipes for fighting seasonal allergies and boosting immunity and aiding in digestion.  Just be sure to check with your doctor beforehand.

Make some homemade soaps or laundry detergent!

Spiders hate lemon oil! Make a solution of water with 2 drops dish detergent and about 15-20 drops of lemon oil and spray by windows and doors inside your home.

(Be sure to test areas sprayed first to be sure no stains will be left) because  lemon is a bleaching agent.

Learn more about this product and purchase it on Amazon.

Disclosure:  I was given this product to review in exchange for my personal opinion.  All opinions expressed are based on my own personal experience and yours may differ.

Chamberlain Leather Milk Conditioner Review

Chamberlain's Leather Milk Leather Conditioner works wonderfully.  I had a spot on my leather couch that I have been trying to get out with no success.  My leather was dried out and looking worn.

I applied a little of the Chamberlain Leather Milk Conditioner with the pad that accompanies it.

 The Chamberlain Leather Milk Conditioner restored my couch in seconds.  It looked like the spot was never there.  I love the results.  It was so much better than I expected.  It has a very pleasant scent that is subtle.

I am going to condition my entire couch .  This products is so simple to use.  I plan to do spot checks first before applying  thoroughly to many leather items that I have.

I also have many worn leather shoes, belts and handbags that I will be conditioning.

You can purchase Chamberlain Leather Milk Conditioner on Amazon.

A little history about Chamberlain Leather Milk:

Just like milk is a primary nutrient for life, Leather Milk is a vital nutrient for your leather! Originally designed for and recommended by Saddleback Leather Company, Chamberlain's Leather Care Liniment is a milky, water-based leather conditioner containing some remarkable leather enriching ingredients along with a few mystical properties. Our all-natural recipes are designed to gently strengthen, preserve, beautify and restore your leather, without overloading it with heavy oils or toxic chemicals. Distinguished by its pleasant almond fragrance (subtle enough not to detract from your leather's natural scent), Leather Care Liniment no. 1 is perfect for use on your leather bags, luggage, purses, shoes, boots, saddle/tack and leather apparel. Leather Care Liniment is also 100% Made in USA! * Chamberlain's Leather Milk (Leather Care Liniment No. 1) is used on all Saddleback Leather Company's products before the items are shipped to their customers. * Here are a few leather care tips to keep in mind before using Leather Care Liniment: Read instructions fully before using. Leather Milk should not be consumed. Use carefully on unfinished leather. Not for use on suede. Test in a discreet area before using. Clean first with Straight Cleaner no. 2 or other leather cleaner if leather is excessively dirty. May darken lighter colored leathers; color usually lightens back up with use. Apply shoe polish after conditioning dress shoes.

Disclaimer:  I received this product to review in exchange for my honest opinion.  All opinions expressed are based on my own personal experience and yours may differ.  No other compensation was received.